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Words invite people in to listen to your story, soak their feet in your content, fall in love with your brand, and share your passion with their friends 

Whatever your endgame—to polish an idea, write your business website from scratch, create rich content for social change, or get a last set of eyes on an almost-perfect piece—this is where to find the pen and the polish.

If it’s written, I like to get my hands in it.


I write web copy, press releases, articles, curricula (I have a master’s degree in education), and social media content. 

I have a passion for helping small and non-profit businesses create compelling websites that clearly tell the story of who they are. 

I also write articles for online publications, and my work has appeared in RewireThe Atlantic, Believe Out Loud, and The Daily Beast


I do all kinds of editing, including:

  • Developmental editing (working with structure and ideas when writing is in draft form)
  • Copyediting (looking at grammar, flow, consistency, and style in polished drafts)
  • Proofreading (correcting minor issues before a piece is published)
  • Fact-checking (using primary sources to make sure information is accurate)

I’ve edited web content (web pages and copy, articles, downloadable resources), book chapters, children’s books, and press releases. 


What clients are saying:

Evelyn is fantastic to work with–she’s organized, quick, and has a great eye for detail. She also has the ability to capture the right style and tone that a project requires. –Amelia Swabb, children’s media director of content and development
Regardless of the specific challenge, Evelyn approaches each job with deep commitment, tremendous efficiency, and great good humor. She is a true pleasure to work with, and I look forward to utilizing her skills again in future. –Nancy Later, editor and book packager
Evelyn has a great perspective and unique ideas that help to set us apart from the others. –Chris Pfleiger, small-business owner

I’ve worked with national and local companies including The Dougy Center for Grieving Children and Families, Lonely Lane Farms, The Nature Conservancy, Nancy Later Editorial, Red Tricycle Portland, Scout’s Honor Clothing Company, Sesame Workshop, True Character Martial Arts, and Vital Mamas

Small businesses, non-profits, educational media, and children’s media are my passions. Above all, I’m interested in working to help raise your written communications to the next level.

Curious? Here are some snacks to chew on.

Website Writing & Editing

Lonely Lane Farms

Vital Mamas


Rewire, The High-Quality Sex-Ed Program on Offer from Churches

Rewire, Hundreds Rally in Oregon in Support of Bill Guaranteeing Insurance Coverage of Reproductive Care

The Atlantic, “Reclaiming the Calm of Christmas by Expanding Advent

The Daily Beast, “Portland is Ground Zero for the Best Women’s Soccer in the World

The Daily Beast, “Women’s Sports Are Getting Less Airtime

Red Tricycle, “3 Kid-Friendly Oregon Wineries” 


Want to find out more or ask about a project? I’m game. I work on an hourly or per-project basis, depending on your needs and budget. And if I can’t help you, I can usually point you in the right direction.

There is a real and surprisingly unfrightening person, not a zombie, at the end of this email address.

Email evelyn.shoop [at] gmail [dot] com


In the interest of full disclosure, I should mention that I live in Portland, Oregon, and my love for P-town is as luscious as an overflowing compost bin spinning organic matter into black gold.

Or a micronutrient-rich quart of kale smoothie in nonreactive glass jars.

Green smoothie. EvelynShoop.com

Or an evergreen tree in Forest Park, filled with bugs for a pileated woodpecker to suck out.

Forest Park in the mist. EvelynShoop.com

Or a Blue Star buttermilk cake donut dunked in Steven Smith tea.

Donut and tea. EvelynShoop.com

Or a stadium filled with explosive, tone-deaf soccer fans.

Portland Thorns Soccer. EvelynShoop.com

Or a barnacle-covered rock in a tide pool when the frigid water isn’t fully back.

Low tide. EvelynShoop.com

But no worries: If you’re not from here this won’t interfere with our professional relationship. I totally do long-distance.

 (All photos by Evelyn Shoop and copyright EvelynShoop.com)