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Smart. Crunchy. Sophisticated.

I help clients invite the community in and hone their voice through creative, collaborative content. My goal is to break down the distance between clients and their audience. Your online experience should feel authentic – like a personal relationship. Your community should feel welcomed, involved, and heard as you involve them in web and social content that reinforces your values.


“Evelyn is a fantastic partner. She was the lead writer on our annual report and used her interviewing skills to elicit profound insights from our clients. Her deep respect for our values and mission inspired ideas for a theme and highlights that really showed our impact.”

– Kim Kruckel, Child Care Law Center


“Evelyn is one of the best people I’ve worked with in terms of overall organization, and she clearly works hard to ensure everything runs smoothly. She would be an asset to any project that needs strong leadership and direction. I would highly recommend her to any nonprofit looking to expand their reach and impact.”

– Austin Hattox, Austin Hattox Consulting

What I Bring to the Table

With 15 years of experience working with education and media nonprofits and collaborating in teams, I’m focused on listening to the needs of an organization and delivering on long-term goals. Your online presence is dynamic, and each platform is a connection point for your community. I pair excellent writing and editing skills with organic photo and video creation, plus a people-centered approach. Positive relationships and great communication foster growth, and that’s where I put my focus for clients.


  • Inequality and Anti-poverty Advocacy
  • Sustainability and Food Systems
  • Early Childhood and Elementary Education
  • Holistic Health Approaches
  • Parenting and Family Dynamics


My client list includes Sesame WorkshopLonely Lane Farms, Vital MamasParent Powered: Ready 4K, and The Dougy Center.

My longer-form writing has appeared in The Atlantic, Rewire, and The Daily Beast.

Specific Capabilities

  • Writing websites, blog posts, articles, educational media, and marketing materials
  • Managing social media feeds with a focus on authentic, organic content that cuts through generalities (emphasis on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook)
  • Creating short videos and shooting photos that highlight a client’s core values
  • Developing outreach plans and working with clients, their partners, and the community to achieve goals
  • Deepening relationships with customers and community members through community management
  • Collaborating with an organization’s team to make sure projects are delivered on time and that team member feedback is valued